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Storefronts can be created by players and put in SL through the use of the Media on a Prim system, embedded on your website, or whatever really.

The URL to your store sits on top of the edit page, alternatively you can click the name of the store in the list of manageable storefronts.

To create one, go to your profile, and click storefront. Then just fill out the form. Once created, it will show up on your storefront list, and you can edit it by clicking the pen icon. As an owner, you can modify certain settings:

  • Store name: This can be changed at any time and does not affect the store URL.
  • Club members can manage store: Turning this on will let all members of your current club add and withdraw items from your store. Be careful about this as your store will show up as manageable for all players in your club, including new ones.
  • All profits go to club: All j$ generated from sales will go to the club bank when this is on.
  • Players allowed to modify wares: You can use this if you only want to add certain people to be able to add and withdraw wares from your club. You can add up to 10 people.
  • Description: Set this to a short <256 characters description of your store.
  • Store icon: This will show up next to the storefront's name on it's page. You can use the built in icons, a URL, or even a Second Life texture.
  • Background: The background for your store. Same as above, use a built in one, SL texture, or URL.
  • Theme: Almost same as above, you can use a built in color theme, or you can put your own CSS file there. An example theme will be provided when picking this option.