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RLV, or RestrainedLove API is a protocol that allows scripts owned by you to perform more actions on your viewer than the standard LSL code allows. It's fairly harmless as it can't mess with your money, but it can do things to your avatar that you don't want to, so be extra careful when rezzing or wearing items from unknown users.

You can always turn off RLV at any time (requires viewer restart).

In jFish RLV is used for some fun effects, including:

  • Enhanced drunkness effects
  • Effects that spins your avatar around
  • Auto-attach props like food or mugs when drinking or eating.

Setting up RLV[edit]

First off, RLV is only included in third party viewers.

Hit ctrl+alt+d to bring up the advanced menu, make sure RestrainedLove API is enabled. If not: Enable it and relog.