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jFish has various effects that are classified as modifiers & stats. This explains a few, but also helps document their internal IDs. Effects are pseudo-frozen on the HUD. Meaning if you detach the HUD, the effect timer will freeze and can resume when you attach the HUD later in time. But only if you attach it again before the original effect would normally have faded.

♥ - RLV required
◊ - RLV partially required
☼ - Instant effect, duration for developers should be 0

  1. ♥ Whirlwind: Spins you around.
  2. ◊☼ Drunkness
  3. Add to Max Strain %
  4. Gravity flux
  5. Add to Max Strain (KG)
  6. Movelock (locks your movement keys)
  7. Luck Rating
  8. Reel speed increase (%)
  9. ♥ Rotate avatar 0-360 degrees from north
  10. ☼ Push avatar up/down
  11. ☼ Push avatar forwards/back
  12. ☼ Push avatar left/right
  13. Sink-speed increase 1/10th of value
  14. Bait-size increased 1/10th of value
  15. ☼ Interrupt current cast progress
  16. Waterwalking (Does not work completely if you can't rez)
  17. Lower chance of bait loss percent
  18. Strain reduction from reeling in (max 50%)
  19. Hooked item sink speed reduction (max 50%)

Global effects[edit]

These effects are the major global ones:

  • Refreshed - From drinks
  • Well Fed - From food
  • Sinker - From sinkers
  • Luck - Charms etc
  • Grease - Oil etc
  • Event Food - From event consumables
  • Comfy - From fishing chairs
  • Trace Wire - From trace wires obviously
  • Bait Floatation - From bait floatation devices like the bait balloon
  • Tackle Box - From tackle boxes

Site Effects[edit]

These effects are different to the standard modifiers in that they run off the website instead of the HUD. So these effects can be active while not wearing the HUD. These effects are not frozen at all, and will keep fading even if you are logged off and not wearing the HUD.

Schema: fxid, param1;param2;param3...

  1. Fish-catch-modifier (int)itemid;(float)percent