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Your inventory shows you all the items you have. Items with a shadow around them (requires CSS3 support) are usable. The border around the item shows it's rarity. Clicking an item will bring up a small popup tooltip where you can perform various actions (hover the mouse over the icon to see what it means):

(Not all of these will show up for all items)

  • Sell: Sell instantly to an NPC.
  • Put on marketplace: Sell the item to other players through the marketplace
  • Send to user: Send a quantity of the item to another jFish player.
  • Add to storefront: If you have any storefronts you can manage, you can use this to add the item to a storefront's inventory.
  • Use item: Some items can be used. Refer to it's description for more info about what it does.
  • Convert: If you have TiS, or other jFish games, you might be able to convert certain items from jFish into that game.

Tip: If you quickly want to direct-sell an entire stack of an item, shift+left click it's icon in your inventory.

On the bottom of the profile you can send J$ directly to another player. You also have a list of items you have added to your "collection" of prim rewards. These can be redelivered at any time.