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1. Attach the HUD. If you get a popup that a new HUD is available, you should accept it. Always use the latest HUD for the latest items and bug fixes.

2. Accept the license agreement(s). Keep in mind that this won't work unless you paid for this HUD at a proper jFish vendor. Pay attention to the chat, it will send you a login password. You can change this password by logging into http:and then visiting your control panel. Your account is the same for and - Should you lose your password, you can visit a JasX vendor location and use a JasX terminal. Your username is the same as your second life name.

3. Attach the old stick contained in this pack. The HUD should detect this.

4. Find linden water (non-prim water). You can also fish off the edge of a sim.

5. Face the water and hit page down (fly down). You will throw a bobber into the water (requires rezzing). Once it splashes, hit page down again to reel in.

6. If you caught something, you can log into and see it in your inventory.

7. If you need more help you can always ask in the jFish group: secondlife:///app/group/5722b75b-cee1-a048-761a-2fd810aa6969/about or on our forum: