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This page contains messages the HUD sends for various events.


  • CSV - A list of values you can parse with llCSV2List
  • eventchan: a channel generated by your avatar, you will need an avatar's UUID to determine these channels. See below.
  • W: Whispered (10m radius from HUD)
  • S: Said (20m radius from HUD)
  • Sh: Shouted (96m radius from HUD)
  • R: Region-said (sim-wide)
  • Rt: Region-said to (only the owner's attachments can hear)

ALWAYS check the owner of the message sender ( llGetOwnerKey() ).

Getting eventChan:

integer integerLizeKey(string id, integer salt)
    return (integer)("0x1"+llGetSubString(id, 0, 6))+salt;
eventchan = -llAbs(integerLizeKey((key)player, 8008135));


W: CSV("startcast", (int)rodmod, (int)fishingskill, (float)max_load, (vector)caststartpos)
Rodmod is a bitwise with the following values that you might be interested in:

  • 4 = has bait on
  • 8 = is floatfishing, if this is not set, it's cast-fishing

max_load is the max strain for this cast
caststartpos is where the bobber/bait landed

W: CSV("endcast", (bool)success, [(float)fishweight, (int)time_in_seconds, (bool)is_playercontent, (bool)completed_fisherman_bonus, (bool)item_struggles, (string)fishname, (int)rarity, (bool)skillup_gained])
success is either 1 or 0 depending on if you caught an item or not
The following are only returned if the catch was successful:
fishweight is the weight of the item, in KG
time_in_seconds is how long it took from start to finish to catch it. This is not 100% accurate, but might be a fun thing to know.
is_playercontent is 1 if the item was caught from a playercontent server
completed_fisherman_bonus is 1 if the item was caught using the "Completed Fisherman" club perk
item_struggles is 1 if the item struggle (strain is not constant)
fishname is the name of the item caught (not always a fish)
rarity is a NR representing the rarity of the item caught, between 0 and 4, where 0 = normal, 4 = legendary
skillup_gained is 1 if the fisherman gained skill in fishing

W: "baitlost" No params, triggered when you lose your bait

W: CSV("rod_attach", (bool)attached) Triggered when you attach or detach a rod
attached is 1 if a rod was attached

W: CSV("bait_change", (float)baitsize, (float)sinkspeed) Triggered when bait is changed. Default (no bait) values are:

  • baitsize: 0.25
  • sinkspeed: 0.25

R: jfish_hud_removed Triggers when the jFish HUD is detached

R: jfish_hud_attached Triggers when a HUD is attached, or has reloaded from server

W: CSV("achievement_earned", (string)message) Outputs the same message that is sent into channel 0 on eventchan

R: CSV("record", message) Outputs the same message that is sent into channel 0 on eventchan

W: questcompleted Outputs when you have enough items to finish a quest.

S: CSV("PFX", CSV(potion_string)) Current effects, this is output whenever an effect is added or fades. The potion_string is a list of numbers in the order of effects
Example return value: "pfx, 0, 5, 0, 0, 0, 0, 3, 1"

S: CSV("affected", (string)effectname) Output when affected by a Modifier

S: CSV("drunkness", (int)drunkness_level, (string)drunkness_name) Drunkness_level is how drunk you are, a value between 0 and 8. Drunkness name is either sober, tipsy, drunk or completely smashed

S: CSV("radiostation", (string)url) Whenever a player changes radio station on the built in radio. URL is blank if radio is turned off.