Changelog 0.0272

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  • Reeling in has been changed, fish will now randomly change direction.
  • Reel speed now depends on fishing skill and the weight of the fish.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent you from fishing off the edge of a sim
  • The HUD will no longer take prevent you from flying down or crouching while you don't have a rod equipped
  • Added a bunch of various alcohols
  • Remade the drunkness system
  • Added 2 new achievements
  • Fixed so the potion manager should avoid stack heaps
  • Fixed the pet updater, redeliver your pets from the website or they will no longer update properly
  • Auto-attachments added when you perform various actions
  • Added some new recipes that woodcarving basics teaches, you will have to get this book again
  • Added a bunch of new items and a few more quests