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The jFish HUD is what lets you play and use items. Whenever doing things on the website, it's recommended to be online and wear the HUD, especially when utilizing usable items.

Clicking the jFish logo will toggle a side menu with the following icons:

  • Website: Sends you to the jFish website (
  • Radio. Allows you to listen to net-radio while wearing the HUD. Please see jFish Radio for more info about this feature.
  • No-rez (the bobber in a teleporter): Turns off rezzing of objects when fishing. Use this in fishing areas with no build.
  • Effect timer, shows how long your effects last.

Clicking the jFish logo will also display your stats for a short moment.

Effects windows: On the bottom right, icons will show up for your various active effects (if you have any currently active).

Text display (center): Notices and errors will be shown here for a short while.

Fishing info display (bottom center) will show up while fishing, depending on what type of rod you are using.

Built in chat commands (on channel 0) [Someone please format this into a table]:

  • reloadfromserver refreshes data from the server, if the HUD freezes or goes out of sync, you will lose accumulated progress towards the next skill point, as well as end any current cast if you say this
  • geteffects Gives you more info about your current effects

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